Special Thanks

To all those people who have given me the chance to photograph them.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

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Photograph by: john fischbach Baltimore MD 8-2-2014

"photos never replace what has been missed, but a reminder of the memories that one shares"

I know you have heard it many times, but there is some truth to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of the photo above, it's many more than that but I am going to make a long story short John Fischbach is not a photographer but a very special friend and brother. We met in November 1978 in Miesau, Germany. We were roommates and battle buddies stationed there as Military Police Officers in The United States Army. John lives in Mn. and thanks to social media staying in touch is pretty easy. We have remained friends since we met and from time to time we get together for a couple days. The photograph above was taken  at Miss Shirley's Cafe located at Baltimore MD Inner Harbor the last time we got together. We spent a couple days hanging out together and did some sightseeing while he escorted his beautiful daughter to a convention in town. Photographs of our trip can be viewed by clicking here


I don't remember how old I was but I sure do remember the first camera I ever owned. It was a hand me down from Pa.(RIP GRAMPS) A Kodak Brownie Hawk-eye that used a flash bulb. You can see an image of it by clicking on first camera link. It was a box camera that used 620 or 120 film. You can learn all about the Hawkeye Flashmount Kit by clicking on the following link. 


If I had only known where I would be today when it comes to photography I would still have this camera as a keepsake.

Thinking back, Pa was the camera guy of the family. While he wasn't a  professional , he sure did capture the memories of time for the family. Looking back, I would never have guessed that I would be where I am today with photography, it sure wasn't planned.   

With that being said...

Moving On: 2009 is when I really started to look at photography in a different light. I attended a wedding and brought along my Kodak EasyShare M853, 8.2 mega pixel camera and took photos while the females of the wedding party were getting ready. While I didn't think much about it, I started receiving positive reviews and comments that I should do photography. It was April of the following year that I bought my first Sony DSLR Camera, the a200. This camera has been through some crap and still takes great photos. I had only had it for a week, was at an event and slipped in the mud and the whole camera was emerged in the gray clay. (Made Me Sick) But with lots of TLC the camera cleaned up well and still works great. From there, the rest is history as many would say. I have been investing in equipment and the tools that will allow me to advance into a professional career.       

When I tell people that I do photography, their response is, what kind of photography do you do? My response usually is just about anything. But taking a closer look at my work really tells me what kind of a photographer I am. My forte is people. I find myself people watching all the time and say to myself, wouldn't that make a good photograph, and I wish I had my camera. I know what you must be thinking, everyone has a cell phone, so true. But it's just not the same, those point and shoot do pretty good and that's how I started, hmmm, it's just not the same as taking control of the camera and the moment, becoming an artist so to speak, creating a moment in time that will be shared among people for many, many years.

If your looking for a reliable photographer with reasonable rates for your next gathering, you can contact me through this site with any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards




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